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Important documents, please look below to find them all

  1. The complete, 221 page study. The Deep Creek Lake: A Sediment Study, prepared by WBCM Consultants, December 2013. http://www.dnr.state.md.us/ccs/pdfs/dclwmp/DCLAlternativesFinal.pdf
  2.  Memo from Director of Resource Assessment Services Bruce Michael to the Board of Garrett County Commissioners “Recommended Talking Points for Deep Cree Lake Alternatives Report.  DNR Sediment Talking Points Michael
  3. Power Point titled Sediment Calculations and Reduction Strategies by Richard Ortt
  4. Document from Garrett County -Deep Creek Dredging Analysis, compile mid 2013. SedimentGCDCLDredgingImpactAnalysis.min
  5. Documents from Friends of Deep Creek Lake -Four page summary covering the key points of the Sediment Study and the DNR talking point memo from 2/27/14 FoDCL Sediment Talking Points
  6. In-depth assessment of the Sediment Study and Talking Points, with compilation of financial impacts of sediment impacted coves and alternative Decision Matrix showing dredging is recommended. FoDCL Sediment Study Critique Final


Thanks for taking the survey on listing restrictions on PWCs at DCL

We have received tremendous response to our survey on whether to lift restrictions on PWC hours of operations. We will provide the Policy and Review Board with the data from the survey at their meeting on October 26, 2015 and post final results. What other topics should Friends of DCL
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Any DCL must be a State-County partnership and commitment to play by the rules. Letter to the Editor, the Republican Newspaper, 8/20/15. Our Commissioners met with DNR and MDE Secretaries who lobbied for adoption of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan. DNR even offered to pay 50%
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Watershed Plan not approved

Watershed Plan was not approved– Opportunity for County Commissioners to consider lake management approach instead of the DNR Plan. Letter to the Editor, Republican Newspaper, 8/14/15.   During their visit, the DNR and MDE Secretaries were informed the Deep Creek Watershed
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County Commissioners Questionnaire

Friends of Deep Creek Lake circulated a questionnaire to the 8 candidates for Garrett County Commissioner for the upcoming 2014 election.  We asked the candidates questions on Deep Creek Lake, the watershed plan, Marcellus Shale drilling in the watershed as well as questions about the
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Petition! Everyone Needs to Sign!

Friends,The challenges we currently face are those of invasive species and the accumulation of sediment in the lake. These issues have to be addressed at the State level, since this is a state-owned lake and requires state programs and funding for lake management. We must make Annapol
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