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Important documents, please look below to find them all

  1. The complete, 221 page study. The Deep Creek Lake: A Sediment Study, prepared by WBCM Consultants, December 2013. http://www.dnr.state.md.us/ccs/pdfs/dclwmp/DCLAlternativesFinal.pdf
  2.  Memo from Director of Resource Assessment Services Bruce Michael to the Board of Garrett County Commissioners “Recommended Talking Points for Deep Cree Lake Alternatives Report.  DNR Sediment Talking Points Michael
  3. Power Point titled Sediment Calculations and Reduction Strategies by Richard Ortt
  4. Document from Garrett County -Deep Creek Dredging Analysis, compile mid 2013. SedimentGCDCLDredgingImpactAnalysis.min
  5. Documents from Friends of Deep Creek Lake -Four page summary covering the key points of the Sediment Study and the DNR talking point memo from 2/27/14 FoDCL Sediment Talking Points
  6. In-depth assessment of the Sediment Study and Talking Points, with compilation of financial impacts of sediment impacted coves and alternative Decision Matrix showing dredging is recommended. FoDCL Sediment Study Critique Final


Let policy makers know what you think

Here is a Model Letter you can use to compose your own message to the key policy makers on MDE fracking regulations addressing key topics from a perspective of protecting Deep Creek Lake. To: Governor Hogan,   http://governor.maryland.gov/mail/default.asp MDE Secretary Grumbles,  ben.
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Update on DCL Sediment Removal 2015-16

FoDCL Fact Sheet: Sediment Removal— Successes and Challenges Ahead In 2015:  Secured change in Maryland Law to include “dredging ponds, lakes and reservoirs owned by the state” opening Waterway Improvement Fund dredging monies to be used for first time since its creation in 1966
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DCL Policy and Review Board meeting April, 2016

The Deep Creek Lake Policy and Review Board was created when the State purchased the lake in 2001. Its purpose is to be the “local voice” in lake management. The Board meets quarterly. The only want citizens can learn what has happened is to read the meeting minutes, which
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“To Frack or not to Frack” answer our survey

We are seeking guidance from Deep Creek Lake stakeholders about how Friends of Deep Creek Lake should become involved in the “hot topic” of fracking.  What is your opinion?  Do you need more information?  What should we do? Please download this survey and then return it to
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