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Lake Protection and Restoration

  The State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund bill was heard in the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee on Feubrary 14, 2017. Senator Edwards ( left position on panel) gave overview of bill and need for a Fund for the 15 state owned lakes. Commissione
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Delegate Beitzel on Fracking Bills

In his recent newsletter, Delegate Beitzel provided an overview of the various fracking bills before the General Assembly, with the first hearing on the ban bill on 2/22/17 at 1 pm before the House Committee on Environment and Transportation. Good source to understand the state delega
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Talking Points for our bill SB 396

In advance of the Senate hearing on our State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund bill, we are reaching out to lake property owners, users and others concerned about the health of DCL and other state owned lakes in Maryland. We are urging people to write letters to educate their rep
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Civics 101– The Legislative Process

Read this document which provides an easy to understand on How a Bill Becomes a Law in Maryland. Legislative-Process
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Tool Kit to be Effective Citizen

Lake stakeholders have come to realize that they must become engaged in policy advocacy in Annapolis. The State of Maryland owns Deep Creek Lake and 15 other aging, man-made lakes elsewhere in the state. There are also other issues of interest to lake property owners, include whether
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