Donating to Friends of Deep Creek Lake

Three ways to donate!

Eight good reasons to join Friends of Deep Creek Lake!

  1. The best way to express your lake appreciation!
  2. Your membership provides direct financial support for ” Working in the weeds” at DCL!
  3. Each dollar donated generates $12 of watershed protection efforts!
  4. Every dollar received, goes directly to watershed programs !
  5. Your membership is a good component of your personal financial plan, helping to protect your DCL investment!
  6. Our organization “walks the talk” promoting stewardship practices at the lake as well as in our organization!
  7. You are supporting your neighbors who share your appreciation of this very special place!
  8. You will receive perks as a FoDCL member:
    • invitations to informal get-togethers
    • email notifications of upcoming educational events and programs
    • all publications and educational materials
    • special discounts from local businesses who share the vision of a sustainable, healthy lake
    • an assurance your voice and perspective will be heard

Donate via Mail

Click the button below or here to download our donation form. Please send your donation to: Friends of Deep Creek Lake, 779 Chadderton School Rd, Oakland Maryland 21550 along with the form.

Donate by Mail!

Donate via Credit Card with Square

Donate now with your credit or debit card through our secure service simply by clicking the button below. uses secure servers to ensure your personal and financial information remains safe. Through we can only accept donations up to $1,000 dollars so for donations more than that please donate via mail.


Donate with PayPal

Donate now with your Paypal account through our secure PayPal service simply by clicking the button below. PayPal accepts payments through current PayPal accounts, or through all major credit and debit cards. PayPal uses secure servers to ensure your personal and financial information remains safe.



Through your donation to Friends of Deep Creek Lake you know you will be helping to support conservation, stewardship and restoration of our lake and watershed. This support contributes to efforts to assure health water quality, protect recreational opportunities which are fundamental to sustaining the lake for future generations.

Your donation is a good financial decision. Our work to protect and preserve the lake will directly impact your financial investment in your property.

Annually we provide a letter for you tax records to acknowledge donations over $100, otherwise the cancelled check will service as documentation for your taxes.

Friends of Deep Creek Lake is an IRS tax-exempt organization. Any donation to the organization is a charitable contribution and may be taken off your taxes.


Donation Guidelines

Individual Contributions

As an individual, you can make a direct donation.

We have set the following donation levels:

Friend $35
Steward $100
Lakekeeper $250+
Youth/Senior $20

In the past, donations received have ranged from $10 to $1,500.

For your donation, you will receive a Friends of Deep Creek Lake decal, access to our electronic newsletter and invitation to special events for donors.

Planned Giving

A planned gift offered through your will or estate helps us secure Friends of Deep Creek Lake and the future of environmental stewardship, advocacy, and education efforts. We offers a variety of planned giving alternatives to interested individuals, and our gift experts can help you figure out which kind of planned gift is best for you. Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

Business & Organizational Contributions

Businesses and other organizations are invited to make direct contributions to Friends of Deep Creek Lake. In return they will receive a decal informing the public they are a Business Supporter of Friends of Deep Creek Lake. Friends of Deep Creek Lake will post a list of business contributors on our webpage as a way of letting the public know of your support and commitment to protecting the lake.

Please send your donation to: Friends of Deep Creek Lake, 779 Chadderton School Rd, Oakland Maryland 21550 along with the Donation Form.

Other business and organization donations are also welcome. Businesses have donated food for fund raising events, a pontoon boat with captain for a boat tour of the lake for County staff, gift certificates for our raffles, a row boat and the like. Please contact Barbara Beelar at to learn about our current organizational needs and ways to collaborate.

Sponsor an Event or Program

Looking for a high-profile way to spotlight your support for environmental responsibility and community engagement? Friends of Deep Creek Lake organizes several special environmental events and programs throughout the year that you can sponsor. Experience some of the most positive attention your business or organization can receive as we showcase your special effort to our members and volunteers, and audiences in our regional media market… We want to hear from you!

Partner With Us

Have an idea for a special environmental event or program you want to create? Want to help us plan and organize one that already exists? You can do both when your business or organization becomes a Friends of Deep Creek Lake partner. Partners work closely with our staff planning and implementing every aspect of a special event If your group has products and services to donate to our cause, we want to hear from you today! Contact us for more information about how you can help.

Volunteer Day or Project for Your Business

Is your business or organization looking for a way to give back? Looking for a good way to encourage a spirit of teamwork and civic engagement among your employees or members? Why not bring them together to help Friends of Deep Creek Lake protect and restore the lands and waters of the Anacostia River? We are always looking for groups of volunteers to help us with our hands-on environmental restoration projects. We can accommodate groups of all sizes.

Underwrite Environmental Mentoring

Throughout the areas, from elementary school to college level education, and various youth groups, teachers and staff are educating youth about the environment and way to protect our precious natural resources. Have your business underwrite a program which partners Friends of Deep Creek Lake with a local youth group. Friends of Deep Creek Lake can provide education on range of watershed issues, lead field work or create special projects for students or youth group to undertake.  All students need to be informed how they can be environmental stewards and we can provide first hand learning opportunities. Contact us to explore ways you can underwrite this mentioning

Please contact us for more information about any one of these corporate/organizational contribution options, or if you have an idea about another way your group can help us protect and restore Friends of Deep Creek Lake!