Volunteers are the core of Friends of Deep Creek Lake work.

Over 70 individuals have participated since our beginning.  Without this generous donation of time, intelligence and energy, we would not have made the contributions. Those who have volunteered have received a tremendous amount in return—satisfaction they have made a contribution to the lake’s future, better understanding the lake, watershed and dynamics, and opportunity to meet and work with other concerned lake stakeholders.

Eight good reasons to join Friends of Deep Creek Lake!

  1. The best way to express your lake appreciation!
  2. Your membership provides direct financial support for ” Working in the weeds” at DCL!
  3. Each dollar donated generates $12 of watershed protection efforts! 
  4. Every dollar received, goes directly to watershed programs !
  5. Your membership is a good component of your personal financial plan, helping to protect your DCL investment!
  6. Our organization “walks the talk” promoting stewardship practices at the lake as well as in our organization!
  7. You are supporting your neighbors who share your appreciation of this very special place!

    8. You will recieve perks as a FoDCL member-

  • invitations to informal get-togethers
  • email notifications of upcoming educational events and programs
  • all publications and educational materials
  • special discounts from local businesses who share the vision of a sustainable, healthy lake
  • An assurance your voice and perspective will be heard


Help Wanted Now!

Marcellus Shale water monitor samplers

We have permission to sample in 4 sites but do not have volunteers signed up—yet. We can provide training, field meter and guidance to the volunteer. Plus there is back up from DNR. It is critically important to collect baseline data on our streams before any Marcellus Shale drilling takes place.

Board Member

We are in the formative phase creating a more formal Board for Friends of Deep Creek Lake. We need folks willing to make the time commitment to help shape our future work. The reward is priceless, good companionship, and great potluck meals.

Legal Adviser

There are a number issues which have surfaced for which we need legal advice.

Fundraising Help

No one likes to ask for money but Friends of Deep Creek Lake needs more resources to accomplish the tasks it faces. Volunteers are needed to help track donations we receive, develop fund raising strategies, implement campaigns, do canvassing and contact local businesses.

Mailing List

We are expanding our mailing list to include all lake stakeholders, not just the lake front property owners. We know how to do this but need someone to actually do the work.

On-Going Projects

Stream wading,  Each winter we lay the ground work for the spring Stream Wading sampling, conducted under DNR auspices. The organizational work to select sites and contact property owners is necessary before we do the sampling.  Actually sampling takes place on week-ends in April and we are always looking for more people to participate. If you participate, we promise you will never look at a stream or think about the lake the same way.


We are always open to suggestions for new activities which are initiated by volunteers wanting to get involved.


Contact us to volunteer at contact@friendsofdcl.org.

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