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Attorney General tours the Lake; Observes shoreline erosion

Attorney General Tours Deep Creek Lake! “Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler visited the Youghiogheny River and Deep Creek Lake on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, the first stop of his 2012 audit of Maryland’s rivers and tributaries. Since beginning his statewide tour and environmental
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Three presentations to community groups over Memorial Day weekend (UPDATED)

Friends of Deep Creek Lake briefs 3 local community groups Over the Memorial Day weekend, Friends of Deep Creek Lake briefed 3 local community group on specifics issues impacting their sections of the lake and provided resource materials to a fourth association. These were very produc
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DNR Sediment Study Phase II

DNR Sediment Study Phase II PLANNED WORK FOR 2012 AND SHORTCOMINGS After a year delay, DNR has begun Phase II of their Sediment Study Plan. Copy of the document describing the plan can be found here. At lot of time was spent last year securing funds for Phase II work. Final outcome is
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Marcellus Shale water monitoring begins

Marcellus Shale mineral leases in DCL watershed Picture of Charles Lefebure, FoDCL Marcellus Shale water monitoring volunteer, who is sampling 3 sites on Cherry Creek. Other volunteers include Jeff Nelson and Bob Marco.
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Grant Received from Civic Club

Grant Received from Civic Club Friends of Deep Creek Lake recently received a small grant for the Garrett County Chapter of Civic Clubs. These funds will enable the organization to provide Tracer meters to individuals who volunteer to participate in the Marcellus Shale Water Monitorin
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