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Accomplishments in 2011 | Friends of Deep Creek Lake

Accomplishments in 2011

Friends of DCL Accomplishments 2011 by mission goals


  • Stream Waders– 13 sites
  • EWM on-lake observations and samplings submitted to DNR
  • County Culverts located, assessed– 180 sites


Research and Analysis

  • Release of the State of the Watershed report
  • Background research and analysis on EWM– extensive volunteer involvement
  • Deep Creek Yacht Club– analysis of culvert, stewardship, EWM issues



  • 2 sites from Culvert study reviewed by MDE Compliance staff
  • Contact with Nature Conservancy – partnership to work to improve waterquality in Red Run and encourage Western Stables adoption of bio-retention
  • Reported trash dump on stream off Foster Road


Community Educaiton

  • 7 newspaper articles in The Republican
  • 8 Letters to the Editors in The Republican
  • Float your Boat forum in July– 45 people attending, jointly with SaveDeepCreek
  • Presentation to County Commissioners 7/5 on lake aging and issues
  • Presentation to DCYC on lake aging, stewardship steps to be taken
  • Presentation to Hickory Ridge road association on state of Chadderton School Cove
  • Presentation to Stillwater Property Owners Association on lake aging
  • 5 Watershed Wisdom and Work electronic newsletter to email list
  • One hard copy newsletter to 1900 property owners from DNR list
  • Various Fact Sheets on EWM
  • Targetted letter to property owners in section of the lake impacted by EWM
  • Tour of lake for County Commissioners with debriefing
  • Tour of County Road culverts, meeting with 2 sets of impacted property owners
  • Second Annual Stewardship Awards
  • Participation in Autumn Glory
  • Informal education for Bay Back Association, Deer Haven YC and Cedarbrook


Policy and Advocacy

  • Position paper on water release issues and impact of two conflicting state laws
  • Request for Resource Resolution Conflict Team for conflict over water releases
  • Recommendations to County Commissioners on adopt of best management practices for   culverts and priority areas– Pawn Run, Harbor Community, Rock Lodge Rd
  • At PRB, advocacy to get Board to urge DNR to act quickly on EWM infestation
  • On-going work with Commissioners, DNR and PRB to assure funding of Phase II of Sediment Study in 2012
  • Participated in meeting held by Commissioners in preparation for their meeting with Griffin