Earth Day @ DCL: Lake Lowdown Issue 9

Earth Day at DCL

Lake Lowdown Issue 9

The ice is out, the snow is hopefully stopped but it is way too soon to “go jump in the lake”. Yesterday lake users
are the hard working folks in waders putting in our docks, people fishing and, alas, the resident Canada Geese!
So much for Earth Day!


Install Compact Fluorescents light bulbs. Each bulb reduces tons of air pollution while saving you money.
Since these lights contain mercury they must be recycled which you can now do at Lowe’s.

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, 4/29 at 6:00 pm Policy and Review Board quarterly meeting, Discovery Center. This Board is appointed by the Governor to oversee Lake Management programs and budget.
  • Tuesday, 4/23 at 7:00 pm “The Energy Sustainability Dilemma: Powering the Future in a Finite World,” free public lecture by David Hughes, Canadian geoscientist and unconventional natural gas expert Appalachian Lab, 301 Braddock Road, Frostburg.

Shoreline grasses project

We are finalizing sites for installation of shoreline grasses in conjunction with area high school students and supported by the County. We are looking for a few more sites with gentle slopes for this demonstration project. If interested, please send us email at ASAP!

DNR Recreation Survey

Please take 2-3 minutes to complete this survey:

DNR wants public input on land preservation and outdoor recreational needs. The Vision, Satisfaction and Suggestion sections provide space for comments on the DCL watershed. We must continually strive to remind Annapolis policy makers that Deep Creek Lake needs programs and funding, even though it is west of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Comings and Goings in our Watershed

  • Eric Null has been appointed “Interim Lake Manager”. Null will be the only full time staff at Lake Management Office. FoDCL Chair Ellen Williams has requested that the PRB Chair to look into this staff reduction, particularly at this critical time of transition. Funds for Lake Management are generated from our buffer strip permit fees, yielding somewhere from $900,000 to million dollars annually. More than one full time staff person is necessary to manage this critical important state-owned natural resource, tourist destination, resort-based community and economic engine for the County
  • DNR Secretary John Griffin was appointed Chief of Staff for the O’Malley administration. While we applaud Griffin’s promotion, we are sorry to lose his experience and commitment to natural resource protection at this critical point in time. We have great respect for Griffin which began at our initial meeting in February, 2010. We had circulated a petition requesting that DNR address sediment accumulation problems and had over 140 signatures. Griffin agreed to meet with us and included all the top DNR staff. Griffin listened to our concerns about sediment accumulation and their importance as the catalyst for lake aging processes. It was at that meeting, he promised us DNR would undertake a sediment study, which it is still underway today.
  • Joe Gill has been named DNR Secretary. As Deputy Director, Gill has been involved in many DCL watershed issues and has attended many area meetings. We are confident Gill will continue the path forward for DLC watershed planning as well as programs to address sediment accumulation and other lake challenges. We do hope he will lead state-level initiatives to ensure fair funding for our state-owned natural resource.
  • Mike Koch, co-owner of FireFly Farms, has become Director of Economic Development Office of the County, replacing Jim Hinebaugh who retired. We have met with Koch providing an overview on the lake and watershed. At that meeting Ellen Williams urged him to broaden County perspective with inclusion of lake property owners in economic analysis and development initiatives. FoDCL sees County policy is driven by tourist promotion and generally overlooks economic, social and civic contribution of property owners and need for watershed protection and investment from the County.

Our Watershed Work Plan for 2013.

Our board is finalizing our programs for 2013 season. Our framework will be comprehensive presentations on watershed issues and management options.

  • Got ideas? Let us know! Reply to this newsletter with your priorities on issues and on lake and watershed management challenges for 2013.

Membership benefits

We are developing a range of special benefits for FoDCL members–special deals with local businesses, invitation-only events, social gatherings and meals prepared by famous regional chefs (one nominated for a James Beard Award!). Our next Watershed Work and Wisdom Newsletter will provide more details. Avoid the rush, join now, visit our website

With your membership you can be confident your donation is supporting a volunteer organization actually out there in the lake and stream “weeds” doing watershed work.