Policy and Review Board Update

The Policy and Review Board is the body appointed by the Governor to oversee lake management programs and finances. There are 10 members of the Board, which meets quarterly.
At the recent meeting in January, Chair Myerberg talked about his work on development of a watershed management plan for Deep Creek Lake. In addition he announced the hire of a law student who is charged with compiling all laws and regulations pertaining to the lake.
Other topics were covered include 1) the DNR plan for control of the invasive grass Eurasian Watermilfoil with application of an herbicide 2,4-D. A pilot project is scheduled for May, 2013; 2) options for control of Canada Geese; 3) the state adoption of rules on wake boarding (subsequently corrected to wake surfing); 4) water level programs and non-compliance with rule bans. It was announced that long time Lake Manager Carolyn Mathews will be retiring the end of April. When her replacement will be hired is uncertain and what process will be used for recruitment for this critically important position.