Save Deep Creek Lake Petition

Save Deep Creek Lake Petition campaign.

The attached petition is to Governor O’Malley insisting he commit his administration and state public funds to Save Deep Creek Lake, in the same way he is working to Save the Bay.

We are urging everyone– lake property owners, commercial businesses, lake users, visitors to the lake and watershed and all Garrett Countians to sign.

This is an urgent matter. Why? Recently DNR Secretary Griffin said 1) there are no public funds for DCL; 2) some sections of the lake are too far gone to be restored; and 3) any restoration would have to be paid for by lake property owners. This DNR lack of investment, abandoning sections of the lake and placing financial burden on just property owners could not be more serious. This policy threaten the sustainability and future of our lake. It must be changed NOW!


Visit to find out how to sign!