Upcoming Meetings

Few lake property owners remain in Garrett County, the rest having returned to their primary homes or to warmer climes for the winter.

Unfortunately various groups have scheduled a series of important informational and policy meetings  in the next 6 weeks. With the exception of the POA Board meeting, all are scheduled during the work week making it almost impossible for concerned lake stakeholders to return for the meeting.

The net result seriously undercuts lake stakeholder engagement, limits opportunities to learn about the lake and watershed and to raise their concerns to appropriate policy makers. Over the summer the County Commissioners acknowledged there are communications gaps with lake stakeholder and user communities. This gap continues.

The most critical meeting is on November 14 – presentation by Secretary Griffin and the County Commissioners on the state of the lake. We encourage everyone who is able to do what they can to attend this meeting.

Friends of Deep Creek Lake will take notes from these meetings and post them on this website as well as post handouts. We will also continue our efforts to make these and other meetings more accessible to those whose property, recreational use and enjoyment are directly impacted.

October 16 Tuesday, Water Quality Working Group. Presentation of DNR reports on 2012 water quality monitoring, SAV study and sediment study. No mention of the Eurasian Watermilfoil survey was included.

1 pm at the Discovery Center. Contact person John F. Wilson, DNR, jfwilson@dnr.state.md.us.

October 22, Monday.  The, 2012 Marcellus Shale Workshop. “Water Resources Monitoring and Marcellus Shale Gas Development in Western Maryland: What Do We Have, What Do We Need?”

All day at Garrett College. Registration–$30 before 10/8; $60 after.  More info and to register: http://mddnr.chesapeakebay.net/MWMC/MWMC2010/announcements.asp#MarcellusWorkshop, Contact Dan Boward, dboward@dnr.state.md.us

October 22.  Monday. DNR Policy and Review Board Meeting.6 pm at the Discovery Center. Contact David Myerberg, Chair, dmyerberg@jacksonkelly.com

November 3, Saturday, DC: Property Owners Association Board meeting.

8:30 am at Uno’s. Contact Troy Ellington, Chair, troyellington@verizon.net

November 14, Wednesday, Secretary Griffin “The State of the Lake” presentation to the Garrett County Board of Commissioners.

4 pm at the Catholic Social Hall across from County Office Building. Contact: Secretary John Griffin, jgriffin@dnr.state.md.us