DNR Secretary Griffin invited to tour DCL

Pictured above is the tour of the lake that FoDCL gave to the Attorney General earlier this year.

DNR Secretary invited to tour DCL

DNR Secretary Griffin has been invited to tour the lake. Secretary Griffin will be attending the Governor’s Commission meeting on August 20th (6-9pm, Garrett College Auditorium).

Friends of Deep Creek Lake has extended an invitation to him to tour the lake. While Griffin has made strong policy commitments, he only sees the research and monitoring reports and does not know what is really going on mid-august: loss of recreational use of the lake due to low water levels, massive growth of submerged aquatic vegetation, emergence of invasive SAV Eurasian Watermilfoil, muddy waters, and large flocks of geese. Observe the new zoning category, the mini-marina, allowed by the County opening a Pandora’s box for many more such businesses.

If you would like to encourage Griffin to take time to tour the lake, write to jgriffin@dnr.state.md.us. He is in charge and needs to see the real affects of the current system of lake management.