Three presentations to community groups over Memorial Day weekend (UPDATED)

Friends of Deep Creek Lake briefs 3 local community groups

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Friends of Deep Creek Lake briefed 3 local community group on specifics issues impacting their sections of the lake and provided resource materials to a fourth association. These were very productive meetings for the local groups with opportunity to learn about issues impacting their area of the lake and think about how their concerns make best be communicated. At the Hickory Ridge Road Association, Barbara Beelar informed the group their cove is one of two most sediment impacted coves according to DNR research. At the Harbor Community Association the focus was on work Friends of Deep Creek Lake has done on runoff and County culverts. After the Thousand Acres meeting, those interested in Poland Run Cove learned their cove is 3rd most sediment impacted cove. Members of the Pergin Farms HOA received materials relating to overall state of the watershed, impacts of Eurasian Watermilfoil along their shoreline and the Marcellus Shale mineral lease which is on a stream feeding the Penn Cove section.


Update (July 25 2012)
During the summer, Barbara Beelar has made presentations to a group of residents from the Monte Vista Homeowners Association, Back Bay Property Owners, and the Red Run property owners group, and is scheduled to make presentations over Labor Day Weekend to the Crescent Shores and Glen Cove HOAs. If your group would like a presentation on the State of the Watershed, please contact us.